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What are your thoughts on injectable vitamins like B12, glutamine, arginine and carnitine? Do they have a place or are they only useful if you have a deficiency? Can too much of these be an issue? Can I mix my GH with vit-b12? I saw on another video part of a steroid user’s supplement regimen was probiotics (live culture like Greek yogurt). I always thought that they didn’t do much. Is it useful for gut health? Do orals have a negative effect on gut health?
Is there a real interest to add DHEA and pregnolone on TRT (only 50 mg every 5 days) to avoid taking hcg? Could you speak about lowering cortisol on morning? Any relationship with insulin?
Your opinion on short cycles with high dosage, for example 20 days Sustanon 500mg ed and after 20 days, deca 400mg ed? Author L. Rea and Paul Borresen proposed these types of cycles. (both men are dead)
I’m thinking about starting a beginner cycle with only deca and stack the 3 other drugs that you had recommended on a previous video, Proviron, DHEA, and the third one that I can’t seem to remember its name. The reason I avoid the use of test is because I want to minimize the shutdown after the cycle. I am too young to start a TRT treatment and I do not want to experience a long time of low test. I would rather add a small amount of deca and these 3 to experience minimal fluctuations (ups and downs) of my test levels because I’m 21. Is this a solid option for a cycle and what doses would you recommend? I prefer not using test. I know that test is almost always a must, but I don’t want to replace my natural production
My grandfather is 86 tomorrow and I have been thinking of injecting him with Deca Durabolin for his arthritis problems. He has had this auto immune disease for about 20 years and it’s sad to see him going from cycling the Cape Argus to struggling to walk to make coffee in the morning. He was the one that got me into fitness, and I feel obliged to help him. He is doing all his exercises and I throw in a bit of progressive overload as well. Seemingly the BioKinetist doesn’t focus on that. Deca Durabolin is famous for Left Ventricle Hypertrophy. I was wondering whether it would be stupid to inject him with Deca. I know it’s one huge stretch but seemingly it used to be available for human consumption. I thought it could be less dangerous if he receives small dosages.
Can I use Tren E and Test E in the same syringe or is it better to inject them separately? Is 250 of Test e enough for 200mg of Tren e, or should I up the testosterone? Any good supplements for kidney protection from the Tren? And supplements for heart protection.
What is your opinion about ONLY Primobolan cycle 200mg /week for 8-12 weeks? What do you believe about HPTA axis suppression and Primobolan? There are controversial opinions about Metenolone’s ability to suppress the HPTA axis. Will Primobolan be enough to maintain erectile function, or due to the absence of a strong androgen likeTestosterone, will this lead to erectile dysfunction? If yes could Proviron help?
That makes no sense, caloric deficit and reducing insulin to boost HGH to burn fat to get rid of the gut is the way to go, yes! but smaller meals every two hours to boost metabolism (which is an old myth and debunked many times) will further spike insulin and not lowering it. the best way to lower insulin is to go on a ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting so 16/8 with 2 meals a day high protein moderate fat low carb will burn bodyfat much quicker by lowering insulin and use ketones as a fuel source instead of glucose. I lost 40 pounds without lowering my calories within 12 months by just doing this and I was not overweight to begin with.
What’s the best angle to pin and inject steroids, like 90 degrees? Should it be administered quickly or slowly? How can someone prevent the development of scar tissue? Is aspirating essential? And should someone massage the area after the injection?
If I was to take 2ius of HGH post workout (not taking any insulin), when could I drink my post workout shake?
I am 51 years old. I am on TRT 185mg a week test cyp. I am thinking about taking HGH. What is a good dosage and can you take it all year long?

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