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How to Beat Food Cravings and Stick to Your Diet

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Why do food cravings strike when you least want them? You know…you’re at work and locked in the conference room when you remember the cake down the hall. Minutes turn to hours as you fixate on that chocolatey goodness.

Or you’ve just crawled into bed, only to find yourself overwhelmed by a hankering for the cold pizza languishing in the fridge (it would be so much happier in your belly!).

Or your meal plan’s archenemy: the midday slump, where your brain refuses to work for anything but carbs and sugar.

Sigh. If only we craved chicken breasts and vegetables…hitting our macros would be so easy…

Well, that may be wishful thinking, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your food cravings and abandon your quest for the ideal body.

The reality is cravings aren’t nearly as vexing when you know why they occur and how to manage them, which is what this podcast is going to be all about.

Let’s begin.



0:00 - Intro

3:04 - What is a food craving?

5:22 - How does alcohol cause food cravings?

7:46 - How does restrictive eating cause food cravings?

10:31 - How do emotional triggers cause food cravings?

12:16 - How does stress cause food cravings?

14:18 - How do hormones cause food cravings?

14:59 - What do people crave and why?

20:28 - How do you beat food cravings?

27:59 - How can you adjust your mindset to eliminate food cravings?


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