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Baby humpback whale rescued from shark nets

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A baby humpback whale has been rescued off the coast of Queensland. The calf, which got itself tangled in some shark nets, was cut free by a man named Django. While lots of people are hailing Django as a hero, the Queensland Government has other ideas. You see, yesterday the whale was in a bit of strife near the Gold Coast. Django cut the whale free from the nets, but the Queensland Fisheries Department wasn't too happy. Going near shark nets is illegal, and the Queensland Fisheries department say Django could be fined more than $25,000. He says its fair enough, but stacks of people online are pretty angry about it, and while he's gained some very enthusiastic fans, he's modest about the whole thing.

Millions of people in India and Bangladesh are preparing for a massive cyclone to hit today. Cyclone Amphan's expected to bring winds of more than 200 kilometres per hour. People have been evacuated to more than one thousand shelters.

Now, we all know this gentleman here, Tom Moore. First, he was Captain Tom, then he became Colonel Tom, and now he's about to become Sir Tom. It all comes after the UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson put in a special nomination for him to be knighted and the Queen has given it the A-OK. Nice one, Tom!

The Thylacine, aka the Tasmanian Tiger, has been officially extinct since the 1930s. Though some people are convinced they're still out there and search the wild for them! Others search for them in an entirely different way, archival footage! While going through the National Film and Sound Archives collection, a trio of Tassie tiger enthusiasts unearthed a brand new video of the Tasmanian Tiger. The 20-second clip was part of a short film to promote travel to Tasmania. It shows the world's last known Tassie Tiger, Benjamin, in his enclosure a year before he died. Videos of the species are kind of endangered themselves. Fewer than 10 films have survived, with just minutes of footage in total. So this find is very exciting, and the search isn't over. There's every chance there will be more precious seconds of the Thylacine being uncovered so we really hope that happens!

Some Humboldt penguins from Kansas City Zoo took some time out of their busy schedule to take in the sights of the Nelson-Atkins Museum. It's closed to human visitors, but the museum made an exception for a few inquisitive characters.

If there's one creature we can learn a lot from, it's bees. They spend their whole lives making delicious honey and pollinating plants. We humans would be in major trouble without them. That's why people everywhere are all abuzz over this year's World Bee Day. That's today, in case you're wondering, but you can appreciate bees and the gooey, sticky goodness they make, whenever you like, really.

A super pod of more than 1,000 dolphins showed up in U-S chasing fish. Dolphins do like to stick together to avoid predators like sharks, but it's definitely rare to see a huge group at once.


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