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Are Growth Hormone & Insulin a Game Changer in Terms of Results? Can AAS be Lowered? Vigorous Q&A

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Instagram: @vigoroussteve
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VigorousSteve
Facebook Page *: https://www.facebook.com/VigorousSteveFitness
* I don't Accept Friend Requests from Anonymous FB Accounts!

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Direct / Private Messages on Social Media is for Business Only! If you're interested in a Service, please start your Message with "BUSINESS" so I can get back to you. Thanks!!
Contact Email for Business*: vigorous (dot) steve (at) gmail (dot) com
*I will Block your Email Address if you send me anything Unrelated to Business, please be Respectful of my Time.

• Pay-Per-Question (PPQ): 10.50 USD per Subject-Based Question
• Private Facebook Group: 52.50-37.00USD per Month depending on Membership Duration
• 1 Hour In-Person / Skype / WhatsApp / Zoom Consultations: 132 USD
• Recomp / Off-Season Coaching *: 448 USD for the 1st Month which includes the Personalized Program, from the 2nd Month onwards it's 263 USD per Month. Discounted Rate for 6 Months in Advance; 1,400 USD Total (363 USD Discount)
• Contest Prep Coaching *: 1,790 USD for a 4 Month Prep, Paid in Advance and Non-Refundable.
* Includes Access to Private Facebook Group & Requires Blood Work before Acceptance as a Client!

If you have a Question that Requires Full Discretion & Privacy, you can use the PPQ Service and get Personalized Advice by E-Mail for 10.50 USD per Subject. I consider Training, Nutrition, Supplementation & PEDs as Separate Subjects *. If you have a Questions about Training, Supplementation & PEDs, that’s 3 Separate Questions and 31.50 USD to receive a Personalized Answer from Coach Steve.
* The PPQ Service doesn’t cover Blood Work Review, for that I offer 1 Hour Consultations!
Please attach a Screen Shot of Transfer to my PayPal Address so I can Confirm Payment & Answer your Question in the same E-Mail.

The Private Facebook Group contains over 110 Articles (800+ Pages combined), with Detailed Information of Everything that goes into Physical Development, Health, Longevity, Nutrition, Training Techniques & Performance Enhancing Drugs.
Members can also ask Questions regarding their own Fitness Journey, which I will Answer in Detail & Personalized for their Goals, within 24 Hours!
*I only allow Members whom I can Personally VERIFY, if your IG / FB Account has 0 Posts / Pictures, send me a Video of Yourself asking to Join the Group!
Membership Fees:
• 1 Month: 52.50 USD
• 3 Months: 147 USD (49 USD per Month)
• 6 Months: 263 USD (44 USD per Month)
• 1 Year: 442 USD (37 USD per Month)

Consultations are Available In-Person or as a Skype, Zoom & Whatsapp Video Call at 132 USD per 1 Hour. Please write down ALL Questions you have so we don’t Forget anything during the Consultation *. If you have (Recent) Blood Work Results you’d like to Review, please Email that in Advance so I can Prepare beforehand!
* Follow Up Questions can be asked through the PPQ Service or in the Private Facebook Group!

Whether you’d like to get Shredded, Grow Lean or Grow a bit Sloppy, that all Falls under Recomp / Off-Season Coaching *. The 1st Month is 448 USD and contains the Personalized Training, Nutrition, Supplementation & PED (if applicable) Program as well as Access to the Private Facebook Group. I Require Recent Blood Work Results before Acceptance as a Client so I can assess your Current State of Health and know what to Improve as Coaching Develops.
From the 2nd Month onwards the Coaching Fee is 263 USD per Month.
* Discounted Rate for 6 Months of Recomp / Off-Season Coaching in Advance; 1,400 USD Total (363 USD Discount)

Contest Prep Coaching Clients sign up for 4 Months of Coaching* for 1,790 USD in Advance, this Service is Non-Refundable and Requires Recent Blood Work Results before Acceptance as a Client. Then I can assess your Current State of Health and know what to Improve as Coaching Develops.
Please Contact me at least 4.5 Months before your intended Contest so we can start 4 Months Out.
* Recomp / Off-Season Coaching Clients who want to Transition into Contest Prep don’t require 4 Months as they I already know their Body and can apply everything we’ve Learned Prior to Starting Prep. Depending on Body Fat Levels & Experience we might do a 1-3 Month Contest Prep.

• PayPal Address: vigorous (dot) steve (at) gmail (dot) com
• Crypto Currency (BTC, Tether or TUSD, details by email)
• Bank Transfer (details by email)
• Western Union (over 1,000 USD ONLY, details by email)
Please send me a Screenshot by Email or IG / FB Message after you've Transferred the Fee for a Service. Then I can Confirm Payment with you and Proceed with your Personalized Advice by Email, in the Private Group, during a Consultation or through a Coaching Service!

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