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1800 Calorie Full Day of Eating to lose fat *FAST* | High Protein Low Calorie Muscle Building Diet

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Full meal plan - https://www.scottmurrayfitness.com/post/1800-calorie-full-day-of-eating-to-lose-fat-fast

Back with another fat loss full day of eating to lose weight but this is no ordinary full day of eating for fat loss but an EXTREME fat loss meal plan that YOU can follow to lose fat FAST. Correct, we had the 2000 calorie fat loss diet plan well this is 1800 yet still high in protein, budget friendly, tasty with lots of healthy recipes & a convenient meal plan too

Correct, this full day of eating diet plan for extreme fat loss is guaranteed to work far better than what most people resort to when looking to lose fat i.e. the use of useless fat burn supplements, detox teas & weight loss gimmick diets which ultimately leave you no better than they were before

On the other hand, This high protein extreme fat loss diet plan will have you lose weight fast as, although you may not like to hear it; the best way to lose fat is going to be to not only train hard in the gym to build muscle & burn fat but to optimise your diet to allow you to lose fat & I don’t mean hopping on another fad diet like the paleo diet, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting diet but to simply follow a well-balanced diet according to the science to ensure that you set your diet & full day of eating up for fat loss & shredding fat optimally:

Correct, the best diet to lose weight fast or the extreme fat loss cutting diet as I like to call it isn’t a TYPE of diet; more so a diet that revolves around some key fat loss principles backed by science. Don’t get me wrong, whether it’s the paleo diet, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting diet, they will all work but not because they are a magic weight loss diet to lose fat fast but because they are diet approaches that simply make people adhere to their diet & sustaining a calorie deficit easier.

Correct, calories will what dictate our ability to lose fat & get shredded regardless of the diet type that you choose so the first step, whether it’s the paleo diet, ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting diet is to ensure you can adhere to it & create a calorie deficit as that will have you burn fat

This is where this extreme fat loss diet plan comes to the rescue as 1800 calories (ie. this full day of eating for fat loss meal plan) is 99% going to be a deficit meaning if you follow it, it’s likely to have you lose fat fast

But, as this is the best diet to lose belly fat with science, to ensure you FURTHER optimise your full day of eating & diet for fat loss there are more variables you want to consider if seeking to optimise a diet for extreme fat loss & shredding but for muscle gain too during a calorie deficit.

While I won’t dive into details here, these factors include:
• How much protein i need per day to build muscle
• How many carbs & fat to lose fat
• How many meals per day to lose fat
• Pre & post workout diet optimisation
• & more

All of which I have incorporated into the high protein extreme fat loss meal plan which i show you in the iifym full day of shredding. It’s extra high protein & voluminous to help keep you full along with stimulating mps frequently to build muscle optimally, budget friendly, tasty, well balanced & doesn’t restrict any food groups

I’ll let the video do the rest so sit back, relax & enjoy me taking you through yet another full vlog & full day of eating for fat loss that YOU can follow to lose fat that’s high in protein, a budget friendly meal plan & tasty & convenient too while ofc giving you some more scientific tips for generating a extra high protein meal plan for fat loss & helping you diet to get shredded in the best way possible.

Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & let me know if you want a bulking version ie. a higher calorie, high protein diet plan to build muscle & I can do that as my next full day of eating

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